Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation (J-eye Bach-tea Yoga)  was created as a mobile yoga service provider with a mission to improve the overall 'wholistic' quality of life for our underserved, disabled, and senior communities through establishing accessible, rehabilitative yoga and integral wellness programs.  

 In the city of New Orleans, La, "18.6 percent of pepole are living in poverty."  

  • 17 percent of people in the city reported signs of serious mental illness in the month after Hurrican Katrina 
  • 56,000 adults experienced a major Depression episode in just the past year. 
  • Suicide has increased by  29 percent increase since 1999
  • Mental Health and Wellness services are not readily accessible to people in need​ and too expensive for people that have basic insurance coverage. 


We strive to provide a solution to alleviate the adversity that our community continues to endure to provide affordable Holistic and Rehabilitative Yoga and Wellness health care services. We have found that our elderly, disabled, veteran and underserved communities have limited or no access to yoga, wellness, and rehabilitative programs due to cost, convenience, and accessibility. Services such as Aqua Yoga Therapy, Chair, Restorative, Meditation, have shown significant improvements in treatments through evidence based studies for programs that treats PTS/PTSD, Depression, Suicide Prevention, Addiction Recovery, Trauma, Physical, Mental, and Emotional Disabilities while reducing the use of pharmaceutical treatments.  

Making Yoga Accessible for You


Connected Warriors Yoga

Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

 We offer FREE yoga classes to all active duty, veterans, first responders, and their families at various locations. 

Classes for Connected Warriors are low to medium impact. We  provide all the tools you need for your practice when you attend.  

Come to 3 classes in a row, bring a friend, and get a Free Connected Warriors T-shirt. 

Be sure to visit our schedule to sign up for a Free class.


Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

  We believe in the power of transformation through first hand experience. 

 When you give yourself willingly without any expectations or selfish motive, (SEVA). You have a heart to serve and to experience other cultures, lifestyles, family relationships, and spiritual growth by giving back to these communities all over the world while expanding your practice on and off your mat.

Click below to register for a retreat.


Aqua Yoga

Yoga, Wellness, and Seva Global Retreats

Aqua Yoga

An accessible option to practice yoga without having to get up and down. We use the principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water environment. With the release of gravity the body is able to find the optimum stretch. By using the rhythm of the breath an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved. We use various water props to encourage strength building. All levels of practice is welcome to participate in this flow.

Aqua Yoga is available to all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and disabilities. Wheelchair and walker adaptive. Everyone can do yoga in the water.


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