Our Mission

“It all Begins With You.” – a statement painted on a fence off of Elysian Fields in New Orleans….

New Orleanians have seen their fair share of being broken down, forgotten, and left to fend for themselves. In a community of people who have experienced great suffering, unshakeable faith, and a commitment to survive, New Orleanians have a spirit of being built back up with a desire to overcome any circumstance.

Through such inspiring faith and empowerment, we were moved by this spirit to utilize the gifts and benefits of yoga to reach out to our poverty-stricken, minority, low-income families,  our homeless, disabled, and elderly, as well as to our first responders, active military, and veterans, that hit the front lines each day with no substantial outlet to cope with the traumas of their daily activities and the lives they touch and come in contact with. We are encouraged to make a difference in the lives of those in need of change.

With a heart for the hurting, the broken, and the heroes that hold it together in an attempt to work through their suffering, Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation has commissioned themselves to uplift and encourage our community through providing an outlet for wellness, empowerment, and hope. Through the benefits of yoga, our students/ participants have felt and experienced the powerful shift of this practice. It all begins with you. With taking that first step of faith,  to be built back up again and find the strength to overcome ALL circumstances. Our “WHY,” is to transform lives through yoga and service, one mat, one person, one mission, at a time.




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