How Can I Protect Myself From the Negativity of Others?

We continue our study from Dadi Janki from the book “Wings of Soul”. This expert invites us to protect ourselves from the negativity of others by utilizing three special tools. Let’s read on together to discover…


How can I protect myself from the negativity of others?

It is not difficult to protect yourself from the negative tendencies of others.

Regular yoga practice- one which thoroughly immerses you in your spiritual identity- will ultimately allow you to disassociate from such negativity completely.

I The Spiritual Buffer

It works like this: A good experience of your spiritual identity puts you back in touch with your inner peace.

The more this is experience- and given expression- the stornger it gets, until ultimately it becomes like a buffer against the negative reactions you would have otherwise.

This ability to disassociate from the negativity around you and inside you is known as the power of detachment. 

It is the basis of being able to remain true to your own values regardless of the moods of others.

It is also the basis for creating an atmosphere filled with your own peace and love, which in itself is a most wonderful form of spiritual service.


II Serving Through Vibrations 

Souls are definitely served through your vibrations of peace and love, so never stop giving this form of support in your interactions with others.

The subtle art of serving through your vibrations is the basis for recieving the subtle love and help coming to you from God.

If you stop this kind of service, you will also stop that flow to you from God.

How dry and empty the heart feels, when the subtle link with the Supreme is broken in this way.

III  Patience

Actually, it is only when you allow yourself to become depleted in this way that you then become vulnerable to the moods of other people.

How else could another person’s vibrations have more of an effect on you than God’s vibrations? Keep yourself strong by proceeding with faith and patience.

Eventually, all will come to realize the help that is coming to them, through you.



“Wings of Soul” by Dadi Janki


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