How Can I Assess My Progress Spiritually?

As we continue our studies with Dadi Janki and her book, “Wings of Soul”, we tap in and tune in to the spiritual path. In particular, most wonder, how they can asses their progress on this journey, and without fail, Dadi Janki speaks her discoveries.  An excerpt below from her book…

How Can I Asses My Progress Spiritually?

A good measure of your progress is the degree to which you have the power of concentration.

This means the ability to center yourself completely in your spiritual identity, to the exclusion of any other programming or conditioning.

The more deeply you understand the process of meditation and yourself as a spiritual being, to that extent you will be able to start looking at your own self.

You will also be able to break the habit of thinking unneccessarily about others.

This allows the power of concentration to increase.

Much is received through the power of concentration.

Because it cultivates the inner strength that real change requires, it is the real foundation of true transformation.




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