Negative Toughts

Negative Thoughts – by Dadi Janki from her book “Wings of Soul” 


Negative thoughts are those which come from vices like ego, anger, jealousy, making excuses, blaming and so on. These are very forceful in breaking your ability to concentrate in meditation.

Negative thoughts are like quicksand. Once they begin, you just start sinking deeper and deeper.

Is is very difficult to come out of this and bog. It is even difficult for others to pull you out.

But you must get out at all costs.



One method to save yourself is to think about any good meditation experiences you have had in the past.

(I will also like to add, any good experiences you have ever had and find the blessing or gratitude in that).

Hold them in front of you like a rope for your mind to grab on to.

If that doesn’t work- if you can’t get that flame going – then seek the company of someone whose flame is bright.

Just spending time with someone who has that light will help you to come into it, too.

(I would like to add, participating actively with a church group, yoga, or spiritual community of light seekers).

Do not be arrogant and think you do not need anyone’s help.

Learn to recognize the danger of allowing negative thoughts to accumulate in your mind. When this is your mental state, understand that you are not in a position to look after your own self.

Whatever accurate, true, spiritual help is available, take it and come out of that state.

Otherwise, how will you ever be able to be of any help to others?

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