Developing Honesty

Developing Honesty

Our continued study through the book, “Wings of Soul” by Dadi Janki

{Root Chakra}

Honesty does not need to be developed as much as it needs to be identified within the self and activated.

You can start this process by checking what you go to God for.

God definitely asks, “Why did you come to Me? What do you want from me?”

When God looks at me like that, I just smile and say, “Oh, my One, what do I need from You?

All I want is the honesty and truth that You have…that this should become a part of me, so that I can become truthful and honest, too…”

No matter what the experience of God, everyone would agree that God is Truth.

Therefore, at the very least, all should have the right to experience this Truth.

This, actually, is precisely the duty that God fulfills.


What is your Prayer? What is it that you need to be freed from to be completely honest with yourself? Sometimes, a few moments in meditation or even in fellowship, surrounding yourself with people of like-mindedness will help you to discover the absolute Truth that lives inside you…

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