A Holiday of Relationships

We go through many seasons. Some better than others. However, through each season, we encounter relationships that have manifested themselves. Again, some for better, some for worse.

Although at times we may find frustrations within these relationships, we must ask ourselves, “Are we being honest inside? True to Ourselves? Or are we worried about what “THEY” think?” 

During the holidays we tend to come face to face with many of these relationships. Or by an unfortunate circumstance, dragged into repeating the past for another time. Is this how you want to enjoy your holidays or are you ready to polish up the mirror within and reflect something more glorious that will open up a space for you to get along with anyone and everyone?

As we continue our study with Spiritual Leader, Dadi Janki, author of “Wings of Soul”, we explore the excerpt from page 95. Relationships and Victory. Here is how she guides us on the path of how we can overcome troubling circumstances in reference to relationships this Holiday and for all seasons to come….


VI Relationships

As your thoughts, words and actions begin to take on more of your inner truth, your conscience will start clearing up.

There will be fewer and fewer feelings of guilt.

It becomes easy to forgive and be forgiven. Relationships improve. So does communication.

When you are honest inside, you never have to worry how to say whatever you want to say.

You don’t need to think out your every move, working out whether others will accept you or not.

You simply say whatever is on your mind, and others understand you, easily.

You get along with everyone.


VII Victory

With honesty, it is as if an inner mirror is cleaned up, reflecting back to you the perfect self within.

You see that you are nothing less than the perfect child of God. You understand who you are, who you belong to and what you should be doing now.

In the face of this, ego, anger, and all other negative qualities accumulated in the soul are defeated.

This is not a small thing.


VIII Happiness

Honesty produces nothing less than this level of success.

It creates a very special kind of happiness…an inner happiness which removes all your sorrows.

It enables you to remove the sorrow of others, too.

** With the happiness of honesty, you will never again be touched by the negativity of others, even if they are purposely trying to bring you down.

** The happiness of honesty creates very deep feelings of internal security. Nothing can influence you haphazardly any longer.


IX A Place in God’s Heart

When this has been your effort, and the negativity within you begins to lose its hold, GOd is also attracted.

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.

Your efforts to make your heart honest, that is, to live according to your true qualities of love and peace, bring you close to God.

Those who become like God in this way are His true helpers.

In God’s task of world renewal, only those with such an honest heart can be of help.

This is the way to win a place in the heart of God.



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