In The Hands of Humanity

Have you been wondering what your purpose is? What the meaning of your life is? What your path is? Why you like or are drawn towards certain traits, experiences, adventures, paths?

Then it may be time to do some reflecting and tune in to what your solar plexus, intuition, the Source, or God is calling you to do….

An excerpt from the book, “Wings of Soul” by Dadi Janki


In the Hands of Humanity


“Once I was asked to speak on the subject of the future.

In my talk I explained that there are three kinds of people in this world.

The majority are those who worry about everything the population explosion, the arms issue, crime, drugs, and so on.  They are always worrying, and they don’t stop talking about their worries either.

The second type never worry. They just sit back and enjoy life and that’s it. They are not concerned about anything else.

The third type genuinely and honestly believe that they can give such direction to their life so as to actually have an impact on the direction of the whole world.  In other words, they are those who feel responsible for the future.

This is to honestly face the needs of our times.

It is God’s task to transform the world, but how does He do this?

**God gets His tasks of transformation done through the noble acts of humans.

So now is not the time for being careless with our life’s aim, It is the time to take up our world responsibility, truthfully.  Now is the time to think of the world. We have to do something for the world.

**For this, you need to start by seeing what it is YOU can do.

You should do it and then share your experiences with others. Share what it is that inspires you.

In this way, you make it easier for people to think about living out their lives according to their highest purpose, too. ”



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