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As we begin our venture into the New Year a lot of people will become interested in the progressive movement of Yoga. We welcome these seekers and embrace them with open arms as we continue to grow this wonderful community.

With this new growth comes a wealth of curiosity. So with that, I have decided to create a space where learning is always at the forefront. Please feel free to post questions, ideas, comments, as to what you would like to learn on this quest of Yoga.

To start, I have included common terms that you hear in traditional yoga classes and their meanings. More to come as I update this blog periodically.

An Introduction to Your Yoga Practice: 

Namaste – means the light in me celebrates the light in you

OM- is how we open and close our yoga practice. The universal healing sound/vibration that releases all that is that was and that will be to the Divine Source, God, the Universe.

Yoga- means union or to “yoke”. We unite the mind, body, and breath. Yoga is NOT a theology it is a methodology.

Asana- “postures” or “shapes” in the yoga practice or sequence. We connect each asana with an inhale and an exhale. This is the physical part of yoga.

Pranayama- Breathing. There are 8 main styles of breathing. In yoga we focus on the Ujjayi breath. (3 part breath with throat engagement). We implement this breath in our practice to experience a deeper connection to the poses and the mind. Through prananyama we calm our mind and increase our energy and inner will. We also open ourselves up to meditation.

Meditation– aligns closely with our breathing. We attain more clarity and peace. The more present we become, the more we understand that bliss, heaven, enlightenment, is here and now.

Yogi and Yogini- that is YOU! Yogi is the male and Yogini the female.

We will be back next time to breakdown some of the Sanskrit words you hear in the yoga community along with some of the chants. Until next time….Namaste.

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