Purpose Driven Life…

As we continue our study with spiritual guide, Dadi Janki, we take a glimpse into the purpose of our lives.

Over the past week I have been going back and forth with the notion of, “am I really doing what I have been called to do? Is this what I am supposed to be used for? What is my purpose in this life?”

At times it has been depressing and other times full of elation. Just recently, a common theme has been presenting itself and the message kept saying…

“Purpose driven life.”

I wasn’t sure how to take this, but it started with Morning Meditation being centered on Purposeful Living, followed by my daily prayers focused on His Purpose for my life, followed by an email that spoke to the Purpose of our Lives and how we all have a purpose no matter how big or small,  when it made reference to the book by author, Rick Warren, “The Purpose Driven Life.”  ( which I have owned for over 15yrs and only read the first 2 chapters and stopped for some reason. Only to pick up where i left off almost 18yrs later. Finally opening up the book by author Dadi Janki where I quote the transformation for the purpose of our lives.

An excerpt from, “Wings of Soul” pg 99

“It is God’s task to transform the world, but how does He accomplish this?  God gets His task of transformation done through the noble acts of humans.

It is time to take up our world responsibility, truthfully.  For this, you need to start by seeing what it is you can do. Share what it is that inspires you.

In this way, you make it easier for people to think about living out their lives according to their highest purpose, too.”


Spot on! Sometimes we let our egos get the best of us and don’t let the blessings of receiving the gifts we have coming shine through. We get impatient and want to do everything ourselves. We need to slow down and realize that Gods got this. We need to be patient and listen closely to the whisper of where to go next.

Be still and listen.




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