Why I Teach Yoga…

It all began…

with a desire to bring the yoga practice I loved so much in Florida to my new home town in New Orleans. There was no big yoga scene, there were no “it” studios, teachers, or pop ups. All that was made known to me, was I had a desire to teach and to a community of people who are diverse in culture, experience, and personality, and wanted to tap back into my teaching skills.

So, I started a “Meet Up” group. On a random Tuesday night, after work, open up a yoga class to offer to the community by donation. So, I tried it, and not expecting anyone to show up, 7 yogis showed up for class at the Popps Bandstand in New Orleans, City Park, followed by 17 the following week and continued to grow from there. I hosted International Yoga Day class at the Park and our class grew significantly after that. We eventually needed to find a larger covered space and so we shifted our class to a larger Pavillion called the Peristyle and our class grew even more. At times close to 100 students showing up for yoga.

Then it hit me… 

that question. “Why do I teach yoga?”

I made it and continue to make it a point to meet each student and know their name and them. To get a sense of their energy and where they are in their space and how they are feeling. Students began to pour their hearts out after class, and to speak their observations and restrictions, fears, and deep personal wounds.

Then and there is when it came to me. Our town needs a place to seek healing, treatment, therapy, and compassion to oneself while exploring their greatest potential in a healthy environment. A space where people feel safe and supported and are able to discover their practice on and off the mat. Where they feel connected, rooted, and empowered.

So it became the mission of not just myself, but of Jai Bhakti Yoga to reach out to our blended communities and welcome everyone to receive the benefits that yoga is able to bring.  My vision is to create a community center where this dream, will become a reality.  Hence the creation of the JBYFoundation.

I don’t teach for the money, because I wouldn’t be teaching if that was the case, I teach because I have a burning desire to see lives changed through a spirit that lives in each person that I get the privilege to meet. Every class I get to connect with a new soul. To witness the process of transformation and to encourage empowerment through every breath. To see them get into teacher trainings and become yoga teachers themselves.

I teach because I individually love each person that steps in front of me with a love only the Spirit is able to offer.  When a student opens up and shares a transition in their life and they express how much they “need this class” or “don’t know what I’d do without your class”, it brings me to my knees in gratitude for this moment to be a witness to..

…A Life Changed..



2 thoughts on “Why I Teach Yoga…

  1. It is a spiritual journey as well

    1. that is the beauty of yoga. It opens up the spiritual realm of the practice.

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