8 Best Practices for Being a Deep Listener

One of the most incredible blessing to offer another person, is the ability to listen fully, present, and with our whole being.

Developing Key Listening skills takes time, patience, and skill. You need to be willing to slow down and take some time to reflect and let go of expectations and stories that form in the mind.

Being truly listened to and understood bring a sense of connectedness and joy.

Below are 8 ways how you can learn the…

Best Practices for Being a Deep Listener

  1. Pay Attention to the Surrounding Environment 
    • Stop other activities to listen. Turn off background noise or move to a quiet corner.
  2. Be Present
    • Listen without judgment.
  3. Stop Talking 
    • One person speaks without interruption or minds wandering away
  4. Listen for Understanding 
    • You may not have to agree with what you hear, but let empathy and compassion be your guide.
    • Remember to put yourself in their shoes.
  5. Repeat back for Clarification 
    • If you need to ask for clarification or simply re-state what you just heard, be sure to let the person know that you want to make sure you are understanding what they are expressing to you.
  6. Pause Before Speaking 
    • Wait a few seconds before responding and be sure to ask if “there is anything else” because chances are, there is.
  7. Listen to Yourself 
    • What wants to be expressed? Be sure to give yourself time to express yourself clearly.
  8. Signal that They’ve been Heard
    • Encouraging body language that expresses you are listening will show support to the speaker.

Practice these exercises every day, even if it is one of the 8 and eventually the others will follow. Sometimes you must lead by example for others to listen the way you do.



1 thought on “8 Best Practices for Being a Deep Listener

  1. Wow. Great post. And I agree with each and everyone of your points,

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