Indian Gift Giving Etiquette

As we prepare to head out to this incredible country, we wanted to share a little bit of the jouney with all of you that missed this time, but we know will come along next time!
Gift Giving and expressions of gratiutde are always appreciated and tend to warm the heart.
In India, gifts are Modest and are thought through as to not offend the receiver.
Here is a little Excerpt from an article I read in Condé Nast Traveler Etiquette 101 Gift Guide
‘The Skinny– While predominantly Hindu, India has the second largest Muslim population in the world, so you’ll need to guard against offending either culture. Gifts tend to be modest and are not expected in a business context.
When to Give– Bring a gift when invited to someone’s home but not to a first business meeting.
The Presentation– No black or white paper. The standard recomendation is red, green, yellow. Offer your gift with both hands or the right hand, never with the left only. Gifts are not opened in front of the giver.
The Foolproof Gift– {We are all a sucker with a sweet tooth over something}…American Designer Chocolates such as Ghirardelli Chocolate Company are good choices.
Flowers – such as red or yellow roses but not Frangipani, which are for funerals.’
Article by, Sara Tucker
I always find it so interesting the traditions of different cultures on our travels.
What are some gift giving traditions or cultures you have experienced? Be it India or anywhere else.

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