When in India…What to say??

In just a few weeks we will be in incredible India, and while that day is approaching fast, there is much to prepare for. Something that crosses the minds of many is, “what in the world do I say to the people of India?”
“What if I say it wrong?”
Let’s face it, they will probably laugh at us as much as we laugh at each other when we mess up a word or it sounds like a bad word… so don’t sweat it. It is going to be “damn hot” over there and you will be doing enough sweating.
Just relax, have fun, and learn as best as you can.
Also, English is widely spoken there, so no need to stress.
As we prepare to embark on our Journey to India…Here are a few tips on Language etiquette from Condé Nast Traveler magazine from their September 2010 issue:
Helloin Hindi speaking areas, Namaste or Namaskar (simultaneously clasp your hands together briefly as in prayer {anjali mudra} and bow slightly especially in front of women.
Otherwise, at least in urban areas Western custom predominates, so shake hands {but not with women unless they initiate it}.
Aap Kaise Hai – Whats up
among muslims: Salam
Good-bye: Namaskar
Thank You: Dhanyavaad (prefaced by ‘bahut’ for very much)
Bahut Dhanyavaad (thank you very much)
Ok: Accha
Very Good: Acche
Excuse me: Suniye (polite version of listen up)
Listen: Suno
Listen up in a very polite way: Maaf Kijiye
Help Me: Muddud
Please: Kripya
Hope this helps as a little teaser to our trip!! Just a few weeks away!!!
Bahut Dhanyavaad Namaskar
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