4 Incredible Indian Spices to Add to Your Diet

Whenever we travel, we always get inspired by not just the sights, sounds, colors, and fashion, but by food, smells, and tastes.

Often, when we visit another country, we learn the reasons why we eat certain foods, drink certain drinks, and what herbs help to heal us when we get a stomach ache or something “goes down the wrong way“.

In my experience, I suggest adding a probiotic to your daily routine of self-care as well as times for fasting, cleansing, and detoxing.

The 4 incredible spices we will explore are used not only medicinally, they are also used to add flavor and healing qualities to the comfort the various foods provide.

apIsOyqfRCC7._UX300_TTW__ Cardamom – Improves digestion. Known to be a detoxifying spice. Helps with blood circulation and respiratory issues.




Cinnamon – A good source of Iron, calcium, and fiber, this sweet spice is also effective in regulating blood sugar levels.


 bigstock-137760242-minGinger- A stimulating ingredient that helps with digestion, motion sickness, colds, and sore throats.




Turmeric – This powerful spice helps with everything from disinfecting cuts and detoxing the liver to stimulating weightloss and aiding in cancer prevention.


If you have any interesting spices you would like to share from your travels, please do so.

This information is provided by: www.incredibleindia.org

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