What to Wear in India?

A Mini Fashion Directory…

Just like it’s food and languages, India’s traditional dress vary from state to state. Below are some of the signature pieces you will encounter when visiting, and my be inspired to include into your wardrobe. I know I will be including sone of the Lehenga and Kameez into mine.

Left the other half of my suitcase open for souveniers…. 🙂

DHOTI- Men wear this wide piece of fabric around the waist in a tight skirt-like shape, typically topped with a t-shirt or “kurta” (short-sleeved shirt).

KURTA- A long loose shirt that falls below the knees, usually worn by both women and men over form-fitting pants or pajama-style trousers and in modern times, over jeans.

LEHENGA- Native to Rajasthan and Gujarat, these skirts are made of a mixture of colors, appliques, and mirror appliques.

SALWAR KAMEEZ- From Northern India, this is a women’s ensemble consisting of loose trousers, (salwar) and topped with a flowing shirt (kameez), it is often worn with a matching scarf.

SARI- Woman’s traditional attire, worn over a short top or blouse. It is typically 6-9 meters in length and the fabric is wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder.


If you have any Inidan fashion that inspires you and you would like to share, please do so. Namaste, and stay tuned for images from India this week.

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