About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation is a New Orleans based 501c3 unifying our community through yoga and service one mat, one person, one mission at a time. The goods we sell and offer are a reflection of the authentic charismatic culture that makes New Orleans so special helping to raise funds in an ongoing effort to bring yoga to underfunded organizations that work with first responders, veterans, elderly, minorities, persons with mental, physical, and limited disabilities, and the homeless communities.
We are still in our infant stages of growth. In these first two months of the New Year, we have been blessed to be selected as one of the 700 non-profit organizations in New Orleans to participate in the 2018 Give Nola Day Fundraiser Fest, as well as just acquiring recognition through Guidestar, Great Nonprfits.org, Amazon Smile Program, and Paypal Charitable Organization.
We continue to partner with non-profits, local yoga studios, recreation centers, and outdoor spaces, to bring yoga to the community. We have recently partnered with FitNola in 2018, to bring yoga classes to the community for FREE, keeping true to our mission for reaching our diversified community of low-income families as well as to our disabled communities. We have pioneered Aqua Yoga in New Orleans in partnership with FitNola, which is open to all to come and explore a different outlet of practicing yoga, especially for those that have been a little reluctant to try yoga and are exploring the practice for the first time.
We have also partnered with Connected Warriors, another non-profit Yoga program created specifically for veterans, active duty military, their family, and caregivers and have pioneered this program in New Orleans with the support of donated spaces from local yoga studios.


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