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What We are Up To…

Since our conception on August 30, 2017, Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation has had the privledge of working alongside many respected Non-Profit organizations throughout New Orleans.  We have embraced our mission of bringing yoga off the mat, and serving where we have been needed most. This service is known as SEVA or Karma Yoga (selfless acts of love without expectation).

Some of the Karma Yoga projects / missions that we do and have done are with the organizations listed below and more to come.

Our next Karma Yoga opportunities will be with Wanderlust 108 New Orleans April 7th. 

If you would like to participate in upcoming Karma/ SEVA Yoga events, please email us at


Past Non Profit Organizations we have had the honor to work with:


Not only have we had the opportunity to work along side such great Non-profits, we have also been able to make some significant Yogic Contributions in our community…


Through our community outreach efforts and open classes, we have been able to touch the lives of thousands of people just in New Orleans alone.

In 2017…                                                          In 2018 so far…

  • 1,560+ young adults                               500+ young adults
  • 624 Veterans / Active Dutyy                  120 Veterans /Active Duty
  • 832 Disabled Students                            80 Disabled Students
  • 200+ Seniors                                             115+ Seniors
  • 500+ Beginner Students                          250+ Beginner Students

Community Programs We have Started: 

2017 Implemented 3 Classes 

  • Outdoor Community Yoga – Open to All at City Park
  • Connected Warriors Yoga for Veterans, Service members, and their families – Space donated by Higher power
  • Chair Yoga for the Elderly – Lambeth House

2018  Implement 3 more classes for a total of 6 and growing!!!

  • Aqua Yoga – Open to All at Treme Center
  • Beginner Yoga – Open to All at Fairgrinds Coffee Shop 2nd level
  • Community Yoga for Veterans and Family at Bastion Veterans Community Living Space
  • Community Yoga and Picnic – Open to All at The FLY on the Water (once a month)





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