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 We NEED Your Help to…

Inspire change, experience culture, achieve health and wellness goals, become apart of making a difference, one mat, one person, one mission, at a time, while giving back to the community with your tax – deductible contribution.

Just imagine what a gift and a blessing your first yoga class was for you and what it will be to offer that same feeling, life transformation, and blessing for someone in need. Just knowing that someone cares this much means more than you can ever imagine.

Below we have a few options on how you can contribute.


With ONE Monthly Membership, we can begin a monthly yoga program, in honor of YOUR name, at One underfunded facility in New Orleans.

With ONE Annual Membership, we can begin ONE program at an underfunded facility for a YEAR!!! Imagine what more we can do together!!

Will YOU help us make a change in our community?

You can choose from Monthly Membership or Annual Membership (these two are recurring payments), in which we have different levels.

Your monthly, annual, or one first time tax deductible contribution helps Jai Bhakti Yoga Foundation create programs for:

  • veterans, service members & their families-  which often has saved lives, and marriages
  • physically, visually, and mentally impaired adults, and their families – which has brought relief from depression and anxiety caused by stress and insecurities
  • rehabilitation and recovery centers – implementing life changing and supportive group practices which has also often saved lives
  • assisted living facilities – for our  elderly that have felt forgotten by their families. They will benefit from the peace and uplifting spirit of  a loving and compassionate yoga practice bringing them relief from feelings of depression and abandonment once or more a week.
  • to our minority communities – inspiring inclusion through diversity and removing the impression that yoga isn’t available for them, but helping to create a culture that brings all people, of every nation, color, and background together offering a space where they feel safe and supported as well as understood.
  • provide mats & props for classes – yoga can be costly for some and with your help, we will be able to provide tools to support their practice and development
  • implement more wellness services to more organizations – some are in desperate need of help and have not been provided a budget to include these rehabilitative and transformational classes and experiences. With your help, we will be able to come along side these organizations and support their activities program.
  • work towards securing a Community Center Space to offer the above programs and open up more opportunity to reach a wider group of people in need of the benefits of yoga and natural healing programs.



$10,000 – Community Yoga Center Fund *may be a one time gift


$5,000 – Operating and Program Costs *may be a one time gift


 $2,500 – Schoalrship for Yoga Teacher Trainings *may be a one time gift



$500 – Support for Trainings, Workshops, and Continuing Education *may also be monthly gift



$500 Monthly Membership

$100 1-2 New Yoga Programs in Multiple Care Facilities in New Orleans

$50 Cultural and Community Outreach to maintain current Yoga Programs

 $10 – Make an Impact by just a monthly $10 gift and see the lives you touch


Other Ways to Donate:

  • Support through our apparel line
  • Donate using:
    • Ebay for Charity -Jai Bhakti YogaFoundation
    • Amazon – jaibhaktiyogafoundation
    • PayPal Donations Page – Jaibhaktiyogafaoundation
    • venmo –@jaibhaktiyoga


What Our Goals Are…

$850,000 – Community Yoga Center and School RYS through Yoga Alliance

$150,000 – New Yoga Programs in Various Health Facilities ( 15 by end of 2018)

$50,000 – Teacher Training Programs, Workshops, and CEU’s registered with Yoga Alliance Accreditation

$30,000 – Yoga Mission SEVA work locally and globally delivering hope and empowerment to poverty striken communities from New Orleans to Bali.

Give a Blessing Take a Blessing…We have a little something for you to thank you for your generous support:

  • Free T-shirt for $50 or more Donation and Members
  • Free Sticker for ALL Donors and Members
  • Discounts on workshops, trainings, and retreats for Members Only
  • Surprise Gifts and Discounts on JBY Products for ALL Donors and Members

**By becoming an honorary Member Sponsor, you agree to Membership contract terms and conditions as well as automatic renewals. Please submit a written request to cancel subscription and allow up to 30 days for cancelation. Email: .**


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