Current Schedule


10am-11am – FREE Gentle Yoga Annunciation Rec Center


12:oopm – 1:00pm – NO COST Connected Warriors Yoga at Higher Power Yoga and CYCLE 

4:30pm-5:30pm $5 – $18 Beginner Yoga at FairGrinds Coffee

6:15pm- 7:30pm – $5 – $18 Moonlight Yoga at City Park in Popps’s Bandstand   (Weather permitting)


10:30am – 11:30am- FREE Gentle Vinyasa at Lyons Rec Center

2:00pm – 2:45pm – Chair Yoga at Lambeth House

6pm – 7pm – FREE Medium Flow Yoga at Lyons Rec Center


6:30pm – 7:30pm- FREE Gentle Community Yoga at Bastion 


9am -9:45am- FREE Aqua Yoga at Treme Rec Center 


3rd Sunday of the Month Pop Up Yoga, Picnic, and Pray

10am – 11:30am FREE Yoga & Picnic at The FLY Avenger Park –  if you wish to donate/ please feel free too here or on venmo @jaibhaktiyoga


  • 4/15/2018
  • 5/20/2018
  • 06/17/2018
  • 7/15/2018



“An inspiration on and off the mat, Christina’s energy brings unconditional light to my yoga practice! Thank you for your consistency and unwavering strength!” – Allie Porter, Musician and Yogini 

“Love Christina and her wonderful classes. She has an amazing aura, does so much for the community and is just so positive and uplifting!” – Anjali Kotian-Kreis Yogini

“In a word, transformational. Christina generously shares her gifts of love, peacefulness, spirituality, warmth, kindness and expertise in a way that so deeply enhances my practice. The effect stays with me long after I leave the mat. Under Christina’s guidance I find what I’ve always been looking for in yoga/meditation.Thank you! ” – Deborah Ballerina and Yogini 

“I had the greatest experience tonight with Christina Jai Bhakti at Higher Power NOLA. While meditating at the end of the session I had a vision. I have only had 1 other out of body experience like this. In this one i was flying over what I believe was the Nile River in Egypt. It seemed as if I was a large crow/hawk or riding a large crow/hawk with a gold faceshield looking down for someone on the shoreline. Now to figure out what that means. It was so real that I was in shock until I got into my truck and called a friend…….. I have been give 100% to yoga and meditation. I has about to meditate 3 times today, the longest for an hour and a half.
Thank you so Christina I will follow you anywhere this journey leads. You make me want to travel around the world to study with you and precipitates dramatic shifts in how i order my time and with whom i wish to spend it. Your initial amazement and delight pool into a profound sense of gratitude for this glimpse into the mysterious synchronicity of things. Resonance and Recognition. This is what happened when I met my you, My Teacher!” -Chad Fava, Veteran and Yogi 

“My very first yoga teacher, my friend and inspiration. It was from the very first moment I shared my practice with her, I knew that yoga would change my life forever. Her impact was beyond the asanas and the mat… she became and still is the voice in my head during my home practice and difficult moments in life; even after all these years. I am extremely grateful and strongly recommend to share your practice/journey with this beautiful teacher and soul.”- Rachel Reyes, Yogini, Mother, and Yoga Instructor



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