Yoga SEVA/Wellness Retreats

Why We Take You With Us…

We believe in the power of transformation through first hand experience. It does not happen by reading a book, or listening to words, it happens when you give yourself willingly without any expectations or selfish motive, (SEVA). You have a heart to serve and to experience other cultures, lifestyles, family relationships, and spiritual growth by giving back to these communities all over the world.

We believe that the greatest reward for our students and participants is the shift of energy perspectives that ignites the transformtation to their self discovery. To the special gifts that have been dormant within.

We believe that when you experience the enrichment of the journey, that you will be so moved, you will want to make a difference where you live. To lead by example of living your truth, not just speaking it.

We believe the greates gift of transformation happens, when you are removed from your comfortable surroundings and into empowering ones.

Each year we are guided to a new place to serve a purpose. This year we were guided to Northern India. Where we will have the opportunity to live in the life of a local, cook like a local at their home and learn the traditions and customs. We will also enjoy food form various styles of cooking, along with visiting some of the most holiest places, as well as an NGO for women.  CLICK HERE for more information and to Book 



In August we take some time in the USA to reconnect to our higher purpose for a Summer Yoga Adventure Weekend Getaway. You will become one with nature, overlook an incredible gorge as you sway in your treehouse bungalow, enjoy 3 meals a day, yoga, ziplining, hiking, and so much more. You will have the freedom to explore and discover however you wish. Face your fears and tune in to your Self-Care and tune out to what doesn’t serve you.  Remember, you need to have “you time” so YOU can be filled up to be there for others when they need you. CLICK HERE to get more info and to Book your spot.

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